We Design, Fabricate, Supply & Install Range Hoods & Canopies – Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

We create stainless steel exhaust hoods and ventilation systems and can create the ideal custom commercial kitchen exhaust system for your kitchen.

Each stainless steel ventilation system is built to meet the Australian Standard AS1668.2. Along with meeting industry standards, we create modern and tech-focused hoods that help your business be as efficient as possible. We also offer complete installation of commercial kitchen ventilation systems throughout New South Wales.

Previous Projects We’ve Completed in Sydney

Commercial Exhaust Systems to Meet Australian Business Standards

When you need a commercial kitchen exhaust canopy, you must choose an experienced team. At Martin Stainless, we have more than 20 years of experience building a range of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and ventilation systems. Thanks to our experience, we’re adept at meeting the needs of businesses throughout Australia.

Each of our kitchen range hoods is custom-fabricated in Sydney. We use 304 grade 1.2mm stainless steel and completely weld all joins, making our work ideal for exhaust hoods.

Overall, we aim to create a custom-made commercial kitchen range hood that’s both practical and efficient while meeting the Australian Standard AS1668.2. We’ll help you reduce costs and add efficiency to your usual cooking processes.

Custom stainless steel solutions for your kitchen fit out

Our team can custom design the perfect ventilation system tailored to your specific kitchen requirements and layout, ensuring optimal functionality and compliance with Australian Standard AS1668.2.

Range hoods designed exclusively for your layout

No two kitchens are quite the same, each having different layouts and purposes. Our team will view your kitchen and discuss what suits your needs best. From this, we will design the perfect range hood to ventilate the kitchen, even on the busiest nights.

Manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel

The best equipment needs to be made with the best materials. All Martin Stainless Steel Fabrications are made to meet the highest restaurant standards in terms of durability, hygiene and maintenance. We use 306-grade and 316-grade stainless steel in every ventilation hood we manufacture to ensure you are left with the best product, which will give you years of service.

Professional installation options

We work closely with kitchen engineers throughout NSW, so we can offer a full delivery and hood installation package.

We Deliver Stainless Steel Exhaust Canopies throughout Australia

Although we manufacture our kitchen exhaust canopies in Sydney, we serve commercial kitchen ventilation companies throughout Australia. We’ve designed custom stainless steel solutions for major brands throughout the country.

Major Australian cities include:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • ACT
  • Victoria
  • South Australia

Shipping options available to regional locations

If you’re not near a major city, don’t worry. Our courier connections throughout the country allow us to ship far and wide.

Each of our commercial kitchen exhaust canopies is packed into specialist crates up to five metres in size. We use large crates to ensure our hoods are in the same quality condition as when they leave our factory.

Finance Content ImageFINANCE AVAILABLE

Finance is available on all our stainless steel equipment and ventilation.

For more finance information, please call us on 02 9621 7740.

Need professional range hood installation for your NSW business?

After completing your kitchen design, we’ll fabricate and install your new exhaust hood. Each kitchen requires a different solution. We’ll use a range of kitchen exhaust fans, odour control, and smoke-reducing equipment to achieve the best results. Although odour control isn’t necessary for all installations, we decide each case’s merits.

If you need a stainless steel commercial kitchen exhaust hood in your kitchen, we want to hear from you.

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For any queries or to discuss your next project, contact our friendly team on 02 9621 7740 for free quotations and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ventilation is required in a commercial kitchen?

Ventilation is essential to creating a safe and comfortable environment in the kitchen. Therefore, an exhaust canopy hood is a must in any commercial kitchen.

Do kitchen hoods have to vent outside?

Though there are exceptions, it is usually recommended that your kitchen hood should vent outside for a commercial kitchen. Recirculating the smokey, greasy air inside your building can have negative health effects, especially at the volume expected from a commercial kitchen.

How much does a commercial exhaust system cost?

The price of a commercial exhaust system will vary depending on various factors. Our team will discuss your proposed project with you and provide a quote we’re confident you’ll be happy with.

Why build with stainless steel?

Stainless Steel is the standard material for kitchen ventilation because it is safe, effective, hygienic, and easy to clean. It’s also incredibly durable and resistant to the high demands of a busy kitchen.