We design, fabricate, and install stainless steel benches in Western Sydney for Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong customers. Our benches and tops are suitable for both commercial and domestic kitchens.

Our benches are:

  • Customisable to fit into any workspace
  • Easy to clean to maintain hygiene
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Incredibly durable.

Whether you’re just looking for a countertop or a full stainless steel bench, we can fabricate the right solution for your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Bench Tops

We’ve been fabricating bench tops in Sydney for over 27 years. Here are a few of our most recent projects.

Custom Stainless Steel Bench Tops

We custom design stainless steel bench tops to make your kitchen flow smoothly.

We fabricate the benches to fit every angle and the working and storage space, and weld the steel sinks, fryers, or stoves to match your kitchen workflow.

Customisation can come down to the difference between wet and dry benches. For example, one of the custom features we’ve fabricated in past projects is practical lips on the edge of wet benches to stop water spilling off or straight edges in dry areas.

Stainless Steel Benches

There’s a reason why stainless steel benches are the industry-leading choice for kitchens. They cannot be beaten for durability and are simple for a stainless steel fabricator like us to customise, made to suit any size, shape or kitchen need.

Commercial Stainless Steel Benches We Fabricate

  • Basic benches with legs
  • Benches with splashback
  • Benches with sinks (single, double or multiple sinks)
  • Benches with dishwasher
  • Corner benches
  • Mobile benches with wheels
  • Benches with drawers, racks, shelves and cabinets
  • Benches with gas stoves
  • Or just the stainless steel bench tops

Prefabricated vs. Custom Made Bench Tops

The price of prefabricated benches is often lower because they are quicker to make as they are made in bulk. They are made with thin material and have no backing glued to the underside.

It is crucial to weigh whether the savings are worth the cost of having a less practical and lower quality bench that doesn’t perfectly suit your kitchen needs.

Prefabricated benches are often quicker to deliver, as they are regularly turned around in the factory. A custom-made bench may take a little longer, though that time is almost always considered well-spent for a purpose-built solution.

We Deliver Throughout Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong

Our warehouse and showroom is located in Blacktown, Sydney. However we have an extensive courier network across New South Wales and can also arrange deliveries nationwide. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the main city or an urban area – our couriers can still deliver your stainless steel benches and countertops.

Choose Us for Your Next Project

We are industry-leading stainless steel fabricators in Sydney. We use only the best, high-grade Australian products. We have 27 years of experience building custom stainless steel bench tops and benches for a range of commercial kitchens.