We Design, Fabricate, Supply & Install Stainless Steel Benches for Breweries

Transform your brewery into a sleek, efficient, and stylish hub of brewing excellence with Martin Stainless Steel’s custom stainless steel benches. From contemporary breweries to vintage bars, we can fabricate the ideal stainless steel benches and fit-outs for your needs.

Benefits That Brew Success

Our stainless steel benches are more than just a surface; they’re a recipe for success. Fabricating the perfect furniture, equipment and products for your kitchen design will improve efficiency, maintenance, and durability in your workplace.

Crafted for Brewery Heroes

For your dedicated staff, these benches are more than a surface; they are a trusty companion amid brewing chaos. Durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to care for and clean with wipes, a stainless steel bench stands up to the mess and spills of the kitchen and brewing, ensuring a clean and hygienic workspace. We’ve got you covered with customisation options to fit your specific needs, from beer taps to ingredients.

Raise a Toast to Impression

The first impression matters, and we’re here to make yours unforgettable. Stainless steel adds an air of professionalism and cleanliness to your site. It’s not just about brewing beer but crafting an atmosphere and services that leave an impression. Create an unforgettable experience with the help of custom-fabricated stainless steel benches.

Customise Your Brewery’s Future

Choose from a range of stainless steel benches to match your brewery’s unique vision:

Standard Brewery Benches

Your metal canvas for crafting brewing magic, providing ample space for various needs.

Benches with Integrated Sinks

Streamline your workflow with these smart solutions that keep things tidy and efficient. Whether you need single, double or multiple sinks, we can design a steel bench to cover all your dishwashing needs.

Fabricated Bar Benches

If you have something specific in mind, fabrication is for you. Elevate your service area, providing a seamless blend of storage, counter space, shelves, cabinets, and manoeuvrability for your staff. From single benches to complete kitchen fit-outs, we have you covered.

Mobile Work Benches

A great idea if you’re looking to add versatility to your brewery setup with movable workbenches, perfectly suited for events and ever-changing arrangements.

At Martin Stainless Steel, we take pride in our decades of experience and our commitment to using the highest quality, industrial Australian stainless steel. Our stainless steel benches are ideal for a range of industries and are the solution for your brewery’s everyday needs.

Have an inquiry? Contact our expert team today to bring your brewery’s vision to life and receive a quote that fits your budget. Let’s raise the bar together with Martin Stainless Steel’s custom stainless steel benches — where style meets functionality and success is on tap.