We Design, Fabricate, Supply & Install Stainless Steel Benches for Bakeries

At Martin Stainless Steel, we know that the heart of every successful bakery lies in its presentation, hygiene, and efficiency. Your equipment, furniture, cabinets, shelves, accessories, and tables all play a vital role in achieving this goal. Let’s uncover how our stainless steel benches can take your bakery to the next level.

For Bakers

Our stainless steel benches are more than just surfaces; they’re your base for turning dough into mouthwatering cakes and breads. With unrivalled durability and ease of cleaning, a stainless steel benchtop is the perfect foundation for crafting your baked goods, from kneading dough to decorating cakes. Your steel benches can be designed to meet your specific needs and built to accommodate integrated bins, convection ovens, food warmers, pie warmers, splashbacks, mixers, dishwashers, and other essentials you need to create your bakery masterpieces.

For Customers

First impressions matter. In any food-related business, ensuring your tables, work surfaces, and cooking equipment are hygienic and professional-looking is essential for repeat business. Stainless steel radiates professionalism and cleanliness, allowing customers to enjoy your treats in an inviting ambience. Our benches’ sleek, modern design enhances your bakery’s charm and adds a touch of style to every visit.

Custom Design Your Dream Bakery

The kitchen is your bakery’s beating heart, so the layout is critical to its success. We tailor your stainless steel benches to meet your bakery’s unique needs, from kneading the dough to handing over a delicious pastry to your customer.

Workstations & Storage

Efficient workstations and storage keep your baking process smooth and organised, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Sinks & Display

Integrated sinks simplify dishwashing, while stylish display counters showcase your baked goods like the works of art they are.

Customer Comfort

For bakeries offering customer seating, our benches are designed to enhance the overall experience — from food preparation to the delight of your customers.

Showcasing Your Bakery

Be inspired by these bakery layouts that feature Martin Stainless Steel’s custom benches:

Classic French Elegance

A touch of France in your bakery, with elegant stainless steel benches for pastries and confections. From croissants to baguettes, a customised steel bench made to size will provide the perfect surface for every pastry.

Rustic Artisan Charm

Capture the essence of artisan baking with stainless steel benches perfect for crafting rustic bread. An artesian appreciates that baking is an art form and needs the finest kitchenware and equipment.

Café Chic

Blend the charm of a café with the functionality of a bakery, seamlessly integrating workstations and seating. Your bench can accommodate everything from bench fridges to coffee machines to provide customers with the full café experience.

Modern Urban Delight

A sleek, urban layout that combines stainless steel benches with trendy seating, catering to your city crowd.

Your Bakery with Martin Stainless Steel

For the ultimate choice in bakery equipment, look no further than Martin Stainless Steel. We take pride in every piece we design. Using only the finest materials, we stand by all our products and have created benchtops for many commercial kitchens and a variety of different-shaped rooms. With decades of fabrication experience, we craft benches that fit your bakery’s unique needs and increase its charm.

Ready to boost your bakery’s brand? Contact our expert team today for a customised quote!