Going to the pub is a social convention as old as time, but the humble bar has come a long way over the years. The modern bar aims to keep the communal, welcoming atmosphere that people go to the pub for while adding an emphasis on durability, aesthetics, food safety, and hygiene. All of these elements need to be achieved while making your establishment a comfortable, enjoyable place that customers will want to keep returning to. Stainless steel benches are a cost-effective yet durable material choice for the modern bar.

Perfect for a kitchen bench or customers, stainless steel benches are both strong and hygienic, ensuring the cleanliness of all surfaces. Whether it’s grabbing a beer with mates and watching the footy or a family get-together, stainless steel benches can help create the perfect setting for your business while serving all practical needs.

Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Pubs and bars can be busy places, both for customers and behind the bar, so you need high-grade, long-lasting kitchen equipment. Stainless steel is an affordable investment that, with proper care, will last you for decades. It’s been the material of choice in kitchens for eons, partly because of its durability, and you can bring these same benefits to the rest of your business.

Stainless steel is becoming the material of choice for modern bars due to its longevity, durability, and stylish aesthetic. Traditional wood is vulnerable to rot, mould, and water damage and requires constant maintenance. Meanwhile, plastic, while easy to clean, lacks the durability of stainless steel and is also not eco-friendly. Stainless steel has the durability of more expensive materials and yet only needs a cloth and mild detergent to clean.

Stainless Work Bench

Hygiene and Maintenance Made Easy

Along with functionality, hygiene is of the utmost importance in restaurants, kitchens, food preparation and storage. Stainless steel is non-porous and naturally antibacterial, making it easier to clean and a safe work surface for food preparation and bar work. Any spills or messes can be quickly removed without fuss, increasing safety and productivity.

Stainless steel is easy to maintain and simple to keep in top condition. To give your new stainless steel a good clean and keep it in top condition, simply use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth (or anything that won’t leave lint behind) and a mild detergent like dish soap. Avoid using any harsher cleaning products or chemicals on your stainless steel kitchen benches, as this will cause more harm than good.

Aesthetic Appeal and Customisation

When it comes to your business, looks do matter. Aesthetics convey a range of things to your customers, including atmosphere, hygiene, quality, and everything your business is about. Stainless steel offers a modern and sleek design for businesses. Known for their versatility, stainless steel benches can be designed to fit in with a wide range of existing decor or as a key feature in a completely new layout.

Have a specific design in mind? Stainless steel is a versatile material that can be fabricated into benches of various styles, sizes, and textures and has various features. For your staff, a stainless steel bench can have all the practical features, including shelves for drinks and accessories, an ice bucket, space for meal preparation, splashback, and more. Our professional team can design a layout to suit even unusually shaped rooms, meeting your customers’ and staff’s needs and demands.

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability

The best investments are those that have both immediate and long-term benefits. When it comes to a layout for your business, you want something to provide comfort and support for your customers and will continue to do so for years to come. Stainless steel is an affordable yet durable material that can withstand high temperatures and impact. It’s also corrosion resistant, meaning a little moisture won’t lead to rust. All of this means less chance of your bench’s lifespan being cut short, leading to many years of service.

The low-maintenance requirements reduce the amount of money spent on upkeep and repairs. Your staff can spend less time looking after the benches and more time being productive and meeting customers’ needs.

Stainless steel is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. Along with its durability and long lifespan, steel is one of the best materials to recycle, reducing overall environmental harm for a long time.

Stainless Steel Bbq Cabinet

Enhancing Comfort and Experience

Ergonomics plays an essential role in any furniture layout. Another way to put it is that everyone notices an uncomfortable bench (and is often vocal about it). Pubs and bars are where people come to catch up with mates and chill out after a long day. The last thing they want is uncomfortable furniture or a sore back the next day. Stainless steel benches can be designed to be comfortable and ergonomic while still being a stylish addition to your business.

As well as your customers, ergonomic stainless steel benches are crucial for your employees. Working in a bar or pub is hectic work for long hours. Poor working environments can lead to discomfort, unhappiness, and even injuries. An ergonomic work environment will ensure your staff can perform at their best and not feel sore in the morning.

Comfortable furniture adds to the overall ambience of your establishment and your clientele’s overall experience. A great time leads to customer satisfaction and a much higher chance of repeat business. Stainless steel benches can be designed with ergonomics in mind to enhance the comfort of your customers.

Stainless Steel Bar

The Only Choice for Your Bar or Pub

Stainless steel benches are becoming a mainstay in Aussie pubs and bars. This is thanks to their balance of aesthetics, practicality, and functionality. Along with a timeless, sleek appearance, stainless steel provides unmatched performance in terms of durability and longevity.

Martin Stainless Steel is the only name you need to remember for all your stainless steel fabrication needs. We bring skill, experience, and creativity to every project we work on and would love to help raise the bar with your pub’s new layout.

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