The beauty of using stainless steel in your home or business is that it is so easy to customise for your individual space and requirements. Whether you need kitchen benches for a commercial area or you’re designing a home bar or an outdoor kitchen, our expert team of fabricators will create high-quality steelwork that’s custom-made to your exact specifications.

Our friendly staff will guide you through the process of customising a solution that’s right for you, providing technical advice on the best way to design solutions for your needs and give you cost-effective products that suit your specific requirements.

Our products are 100% made in Australia, and we pride ourselves on our fast turn-around times for our stainless steel benches so that you can get to work as quickly as possible. With 27 years of experience, you can be assured of our high-quality workmanship on the end product.

Martin Stainless Stainless Steel Bench Bar

Steps we take while designing your benches

So that our stainless steel fabrication experts can manufacture kitchens and benches to match your needs precisely, we require your requests to be detailed in a specification document that lists all your requirements.

We’ve created a simple step-by-step procedure to guide you through this process.

Step 1. Send Us Your Plan

Send by email a hand sketch of your desired kitchen layout with approximate overall dimensions and number of sinks or cutouts required for quoting purposes. Please ensure your phone number is included so we can call if we require any further information for quoting.

If it is a commercial kitchen or bar setting, we will need to know if you require single or double shelving within the stainless steel framework under your benches.

We fabricate benches to fit every angle and working space and can even weld steel sinks, fryers, and stoves to match the workflow. You will need to provide us with the required height, width, and length of the bench or benches.

Step 2. Visit Our Showroom Or Meet On Location

Once you have received the quote and would like to proceed we recommend visiting our showroom to discuss sink sizes, and bench thickness, material grates, etc. If the job requires site measure and installation this can all take place on location after a deposit is received for the project.

Our stainless-steel benches are custom designed to make your kitchen flow smoothly and maximise your productivity, whether in a residential or commercial setting. We work closely with each customer to fabricate benches to fit every angle and working space with welded-in flush finish stainless steel sinks, cooktop cutouts splashbacks, undershelves overhead shelving, Ice wells racks, etc if it is a commercial setting.

Our custom-designed stainless-steel benches can be manufactured with any design features you require, whether it be under-bench or overhead shelves in different sizes and styles, or extra storage such as drawers, cabinets, or dishwasher racks to accommodate equipment.

You might want to add wheels to your stainless-steel benches to easily transform them into moveable tables or add a custom splashback to a free-standing bench. Whatever your needs, we aim to create stainless steel benches that work for our clients and make their lives easier.

Martin Stainless Custom Options Of Benches

Step 3. Final Shop Drawings For Your Approval

After a deposit is received and the final details are discussed and understood, we go to work in the drafting office. You will then receive a full set of drawings at no extra cost, showing all the details needed for your approval before manufacture.

Step 4. Installation

If the project requires installation, a date will be locked in on our calendar for this to take place after the deposit is paid on the project. We always ensure that the date stays locked in as we understand the importance of this with other trades often scheduled in and around our work.

Martin Stainless Measurements Of Sink Sizes

Step 5. Completion

Once the installation is completed, we make sure you are completely satisfied with our work and rectify any last-minute changes that may be required if possible. If the job is collected from us without any installation. We give the opportunity to discuss the installation process or any other required information you may need.

Martin Stainless Isometric Drawing Of Stainless Steel Benches

Step 6. Warranty

After the work is completed, we are still here to help. A warranty is provided on the goods and we are always happy to answer any questions in relation to care and cleaning or any other future enquiries you may have on your new products.

Stainless Fabrication and Manufacture

Why customised stainless steel benches are better

When it comes to choosing between prefabricated stainless steel benches and custom-made ones, our clients turn to us when they realise the benefits of a product that’s built just for them, including:

  • they are made to suit your exact specifications and space requirements
  • they are purpose-built for you and can accommodate all of your equipment
  • each customer has endless options when it comes to customising benches for their needs
  • custom-made kitchens and benches are of a higher quality than prefabricated options
  • fabrication turn-around time is fast, and the design process is easy

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Call us today for a quote on a custom stainless steel bench

You might need a BBQ benchtop or outdoor kitchen bench for your home, or perhaps you’re searching for the right commercial kitchen benchtop for your restaurant kitchen. Whatever your needs, our steel fabrication specialists can help you design and manufacture benches that look great and have a longer lifespan than any other material.

Low-maintenance, food-safe, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel benches work in any area of your house and are an excellent investment in commercial environments.

For more inspiration when designing a stainless steel kitchen, visit our website or call our friendly team at (02) 9621 7740. Let us help you design the kitchen or workspace of your dreams using our custom-made stainless steel benches.