The kitchen sink is a vitally important part of the kitchen, so much so that it can often be seen as more of a necessity than a style piece.

Yes – your kitchen sink should be practical to minimise splatter and mess, handle both raw and cooked food, wash items of all shapes and sizes, and have the capacity to support your busy day-to-day kitchen activity. However – it can also look great and become a stylish focal point of your kitchen too.

Before you spend all your creative effort on your floor plan, ensure your kitchen sink is a part of your new home designs. With options to accommodate growing families, unique home designs, and a wide range of interiors, custom sink designs can be luxurious while enhancing functionality to make your dream home cohesive and stylish.

Inspiration for your custom sink

Although we do not supply customised sinks at Martin Stainless, they complement our custom benches beautifully, and we can install your stainless sink for you. So, we’ve compiled some of the most inspiring kitchen sink designs to give you plenty of ideas for your kitchen design. You’ll soon realise that much more goes into a kitchen sink than meets the eye!

Stainless Steel New Century Farmhouse

Belfast Butlers Sink Stainless Steel Web 1 1

image source: AB Interiors

The farmhouse kitchen sink has found its place as one of the most popular additions in modern kitchens, and for good reason! A streamlined version of a traditional farmhouse sink, often made with stainless steel, it brings cohesion to any kitchen design. These sinks are characterised by their oversized depth and width, allowing for easy washing up and food storage, from washing vegetables to letting a roast cool and soaking even large pots and pans.

Hidden Compartments

Hidden Compartments Sink

Image Source: Build Mat

Kitchen islands are all the rage in modern kitchens, providing the perfect storage solution to the open-plan trend. This allows your kitchen stainless steel sink to extend to include hidden compartments in the bench, keeping small items and condiments organised and within easy reach. Finally – those not-so-pretty essential items such as dishcloths and sponges have somewhere to go!

The Stainless Steel Long Sink

Ice Trough 640mm Bn Web 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1

Image Source: AB Interiors

One sink to rule them all! The long party sink is designed to simplify your parties, Sunday morning breakfasts, and Friday evening drinks with movable faucets and built-in equipment for all your cooking, serving, and washing-up needs.

The Stainless Steel 1 & 1 Third

Web 1200x900 Base Mk3 1 1 3 Bowl Sink 1 Taphole Right Hand Bowl 1010mm Stainless Steel

Image Source: Reece

Efficient and stylish, the 1 + 1/3 sink design can facilitate washing multiple items while reducing water consumption. This is a perfect solution for those without a dishwasher who want to keep an eye on their water bill. In addition, your modern double sink can blend perfectly with the rest of your counter space in stainless steel.

The Sink Off Centre

While kitchens generally follow a specific layout, your custom sink design will allow you to move the sink wherever you please. Placing the stainless steel sink in the middle of a countertop will instantly take over the space and make it the ‘sink zone’. If you have other desires for that area, or if there’s a spot in your kitchen that would be perfect for a modern wet zone, you can design your sink to suit it perfectly. For example, a corner sink on a kitchen island will free up the rest of your kitchen for whatever you need, giving you ample workspace for all the entertaining you’re about to do inspired by your new sink.

No Limit Faucets

Taps and faucets have come a long way, but sometimes, it’s best to look to the past for classic inspiration. Cast iron and gold tapware brings timeless elegance to your sink and to any kitchen design. If modern tapware is more your thing, consider the stainless steel removable tap to get into your dishes’ nooks and crannies, or even a tap with combined boiling and filtered cold water to make tea time a breeze.

Create the Kitchen Sink of your Dreams

Despite your best efforts, whenever your guests come around, they’re likely to congregate in the kitchen. A hub for after-school activity, the morning rush, Sunday night dinners and special event preparation, your kitchen space is for more than just preparing food.

The magnetic appeal of your kitchen should be well matched with a beautiful, functional kitchen sink that perfectly matches the rest of your home and your lifestyle. This essential area should never be left off the priorities when planning your new custom kitchen.

Why you Should Choose a Custom Sink for your Home Design

Have you spent hours browsing the aisles at your local kitchen and bathroom store only to come up empty? You’re not alone! A custom sink allows you to achieve the perfect result without the hassle, making the design of even odd-shaped kitchens stress-free.

Once you find your perfect stainless steel sink that matches the look of your kitchen and tailor its size to include a classic single basin, a double or even a triple basin, we can create your custom stainless steel bench to suit it perfectly. As a result, you will no longer have to dread using your favourite pan or avoid catering for all your friends at once!

If you’re looking for a team to bring your house plans to life with a custom kitchen, we can help! Our fully qualified crew of fabricators and tradespeople specialise in custom residential and commercial stainless steel kitchen solutions. Therefore, if you need anything from stainless steel benches, bench tops, and ventilation to BBQ cabinets, get in touch to discuss your custom kitchen plans today.