Stainless steel is the backbone of many different industries.

Used for essential everyday structures such as benches, cabinets, sinks, backsplashes, and trolleys, business owners and workers rely on stainless steel to be strong, reliable, easy to clean, and stylish day in and day out. Stainless steel is one of the most efficient and practical materials to use in wet areas and kitchens to make cleaning easy and to promote constant sanitisation.

Over the years, stainless steel has become the standard for many industries thanks to its versatility and strength, resulting in a thriving market with both flat-packed and custom-fabricated options.

Using stainless steel in your commercial or residential space has many benefits.

Benefits of stainless steel

  • Style – offering a modern, clean look that will last for decades
  • Function – whether you’re a Sunday roast cook or a chef serving hundreds, you will love how simple and stress-free your prep work and food handling will be with stainless steel
  • Durability – stainless steel is indeed stain-resistant and resistant to breaking and chipping, holding up strong to even the toughest daily use
  • Hygiene – nobody can run a successful kitchen for long without prioritising hygiene. Stainless steel repels germs and bacteria and makes clean-up simple.

If you’re in the planning stages of your business, you might be stuck deciding whether to go for custom stainless steel fabrication or flat-pack stainless steel.

The choice is not to be made lightly, and it helps to have all the information at hand to ensure your stainless steel installations will serve your needs perfectly for years to come. This is where we come in.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each option so you can have confidence and clarity in your decision.

Custom vs Flat-Pack – what’s the difference?

Stainless Steel Bars and Pantry Storage

The simplest determination to understand the difference between custom and flat-pack stainless steel is to compare an Ikea cabinet (flat-pack) with one created by a cabinet maker (custom).

Flat Packed Stainless Steel

Flatpack stainless steel is generally readily available and fast to arrive, and their installation is DIY, with the product and instructions being delivered to your door by a third party.

Flatpack Pros

  • Allows for DIY installation – depending on your skill level, it is possible to handle the entire process yourself
  • Cheaper upfront costs – flat-pack stainless steel is one of the cheaper ways to construct a kitchen; however, you will need to budget for any potential cost blowouts due to the time it takes to complete or the need for extra materials
  • Available in a wide range of products, styles, and finishes

Flatpack Cons

  • There is no backup if something goes wrong during installation, plus you will require a full set of tools and a whole lot of patience
  • You will need to budget for any potential cost blowouts due to extra time or materials needed
  • The products won’t be measured to your space, resulting in the chance of gaps, which can cause both safety and hygiene concerns
  • Usually, a lower-grade stainless steel is used without timber backing.  This usually leads to cracking and breaking over time.
  • Very time-consuming and labour-intensive to assemble.

Stainless Steel Benches

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom stainless steel fabrication allows you to work with an expert who can measure and fit your cabinetry, benches, sinks, or trolleys to your space, perfectly suited to your needs.

Custom stainless steel fabrication for commercial kitchens will generally be installed by a professional and comes with extra options such as polishes and unique sizes.

Homeowners who appreciate the clean, long-lasting, and moisture-proof qualities of stainless steel for their residential kitchens also benefit from the custom installation options that a professional supplier offers.

Custom Fabrication Pros

  • The products will be built strong with timber backing and high-grade stainless steel
  • Every element will be designed to suit your specific kitchen requirements and plumbing works.  Every detail down to size and sink positions can be made exactly as you need it
  • A detailed measurement on-site before fabrication to double-check a perfect fit
  • Better use of your space.  If you are using a commercial space, every square metre counts, making it important to set up your kitchen and space wisely
  • Installed and fabricated to suit stringent Australian standards
  • You will be working with professionals who can guarantee their work and give a job completion date
  • Choose from a wide selection of finishes, gloss, materials, and styles 
  • Fixed price with no budget blowouts
  • Stress-free with the ability to hand the installation over to a project manager

Why Choose Stainless Steel…

Stainless steel is the best choice for many project types, from hospitals requiring strict sanitisation to industries with extreme amounts of heat and pressure or in areas where a clean, sleek, and industrial look is essential.

There are 60 different grades of stainless steel, with manufacturers adding different properties to achieve specific results. Stainless steel resists corrosion and fading and has a high heat resistance to anything from hot pans to industrial chemicals.

Used in many different projects, stainless steel is responsible for creating handrails, exhaust hoods, doors, cabinets, benches, and more. In terms of creating benches, nothing beats what a custom fabrication team can achieve in your space.

Creating new benches is generally a part of a much larger project. Whether you’re building a new cafe from scratch or want to rip out your kitchen to create your dream space, we can help.

With over 20 years of experience in custom stainless steel fabrication, there is no team more qualified, confident, or understanding to work with in making your kitchen goals come to life. Having a team on your side who has a range of skills and a passion for quality workmanship can mean the difference between ending up with an average kitchen and the kitchen of your dreams.

Commercial kitchen stainless steel fabrication requires a team who knows what they’re doing, and with Martin Stainless Steel, you can rest assured that your kitchen is in the best hands. Get in touch today to discuss your custom stainless steel needs.