Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for any commercial kitchen, with its trademark shine being synonymous with professional food preparation. The setup of your bar, from where your customers order to where they sit, is the backbone of the success of your establishment.

When designing the perfect benches for your establishment, you need to consider a few factors. As a business owner, you no doubt have questions about where, when and how to use stainless steel benches in your establishment best. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of stainless steel benches in pubs and bars and the types of design out there.

What are the advantages of using stainless steel benches in your pub or commercial bar design?

The advantages of a stainless steel bench for your pub or bar apply to both your staff and your customers, providing an effective and tidy work surface that is hygienic and looks professional and modern.

For staff

Stainless steel benches provide a reliable, versatile surface for a bartender, host, hostess or other staff. It is a high-grade, corrosion-resistant material that creates a benchtop that can withstand the inevitable spills of a busy pub. Along with durability, stainless steel is easy to clean and antibacterial, making it the most hygienic option for a drink preparation area. Available in a range of sizes and designs, stainless steel benches can be custom-designed to meet your specific needs and space. Whether you’re serving beer, wine, cocktails or all of the above, the right stainless steel bench will have you covered.

For customers

Your first impression on a customer can last and be how they remember your establishment. Stainless steel gives your business a professional, hygienic look, and doesn’t everyone want to eat and drink somewhere clean? A well-designed stainless steel bench can give your equipment a stylish, modern look that will add to your pub’s atmosphere and vibe.

Where should I place it? Design considerations

The key to a good bar layout is functionality and ensuring it helps you achieve the fundamentals of your business. A stainless steel bench is there to serve you and shouldn’t get in the way. The type of business you’re running greatly influences the type of layout you should have. For example, a fast-food establishment requires a completely different layout from a pub.

Just some of the features you should consider for your benches include:

  • Sinks
  • Splashbacks
  • Garnish area
  • Storage for cleaning supplies
  • Shelves
  • Dishwasher

When designing your bench, consider what it will be used for most. Will there be stools, or is it for service only? Will there be cocktails and mixology, and where do you plan to store liquor, ice and glasses? What’s the best layout for both the server and the customer? These are just some questions to keep in mind, but anything to do with functionality, presentation and maintenance is important to ask.

8 beautiful commercial pub or bar designs utilising stainless steel benchtops

A bar with stools and bottles

Martin Stainless Stainless Steel Bench

A standard bar featuring stools, shelving and storage facilities for wines and spirits.

Commercial Stainless Steel Grades

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Two chefs prepping food in restaurant kitchen

Here is a great setup option for your kitchen area. It includes plenty of bench space and features for making plenty of pub grub.

Martin Stainless Stainless Steel Bench Bar

Another example of Martin Stainless Steel’s work features an ice bucket, storage space and sink.

Pub Taps And Stainless Steel Bench

Classic bar setup featuring taps, drip trays and plenty of room for staff to work.

Marrickville Pub

The Marrickville Hotel, where Martin Stainless Steel worked its magic. This is a great example of how a functional stainless steel setup can affect the atmosphere.

Martin Stainless Commercial Stainless Benches

A Custom Stainless Steel Bench with a sink

Martin Stainless Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen

A commercial kitchen stainless steel bench featuring plenty of surface and storage space.

Types of benches you can have fabricated

Standard kitchen benches

Anyone who’s spent time in a commercial kitchen will tell you sometimes one of the most valuable commodities is space. A reliable and durable surface for your needs, whether preparing drinks or food, is essential for a smooth operation. Fabricated benches can guarantee you benches will meet all your requirements.

Benches with integrated sinks

From the fanciest restaurants in the world to the most down-to-earth local pub in town, every food and drink establishment has dishes to wash. In busy environments like pubs and restaurants, a stainless bench with an integrated sink saves space and seamlessly fits the rest of the design. When well placed, it’ll keep production moving along, making life easier for you and your staff and the service top-notch for your customers.

Fabricated bar benches

Every pub needs a great service area for drinks. An area where customers can get the best service yet still make the job of the bartender or server easier is ideal. Your bar should be a decent size and easily navigable, with storage space, plenty of counter room and space for your staff to move around safely.

Mobile work benches

A mobile workbench provides a versatile, movable option that can be a handy addition for events and functions. Mobility allows more flexibility to move the bench to best suit the arrangement of tables, chairs and couches.

When it comes to the best material for your bar bench or benchtop, it’s impossible to go past stainless steel. Martin Stainless Steel only uses the best quality Australian stainless steel and takes pride in every piece and layout we design. With decades of fabricating experience, we can design for any space and handle any problem during installation.

To discuss your next project or get a quote, contact our friendly expert team today!