Installing stainless steel fabrications in your fast food location will increase productivity, cleanliness, and overall employee and customer satisfaction.

With resistance to corrosion, easy-to-clean surfaces, and just overall visual appeal, stainless steel can change a workplace meaningfully. At Martin Stainless, we can help you determine where stainless steel should be installed in your fast food venue, whether it be your benches, bars, exhaust hoods, or an original creation perfectly tailored to your personal needs.

With over 20 years of experience fabricating and installing stainless steel in commercial and residential spaces, you can rest easy knowing your workspace will get an affordable, high-quality upgrade. Join the other venues that have trusted us with their kitchens, such as One Another Café (Newtown), Umina Bakehouse (Umina), and Luna Park Sydney (Milsons Point).

The improved sanitation and convenience of working in a space with stainless steel fabrications are unparalleled by other upgrades. In the long term, upgrading to stainless steel is a fantastic investment in the future of your business. We want to be on that journey with you.

With stainless steel, your counters are more convenient to clean, your exhaust hoods are more efficient, and with Martin Stainless, your custom designs complement your spaces easily.

Our modern and professional designs, with our reliable reputation and reasonable prices, have made us a trusted partner for fast food venues across Australia. If you have any questions about how stainless steel can enhance your workspace.

We hope to hear from you soon.